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For more than twenty years, I have devoted my professional life to making women feel good about themselves. I have done that through my work as a licensed Cosmetologist with a specialty in Brazilian Waxing..

You may be wondering what the relationship is between beauty, strength and Brazilians, but the connection is definitive. Brazilians are empowering. They give women confidence. There is such a dynamic sense of accomplishment when a woman hops off the wax table completely bald. I am proud to say that I have devoted and dedicated ME groupies who will attest to that incredible feeling of freedom and power that accompanies a fresh wax. Women often come to me for a wax before a job interview. They seek my services before an engagement or a first encounter with a new man after a thirty-year marriage has ended. It is incredible what an impact my ten-minute service can have on a woman.

I love to empower women, which, in turn, empowers me. Every woman needs to feel sexy. And every woman needs to embrace her strengths. Women tell me on a daily basis how their Brazilian makes them feel daring, naughty, cleaner, sexier, and more confident.

I was born and raised in Buffalo New York and moved to Rochester in 1984 to attend The University of Rochester. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Education from Nazareth College. I believe the combination of education and sociology has helped give me a more solid foundation, which I try to use to inspire strength and confidence in women every day.

My husband, Mark, is my rock. We are proof that it is possible to live, love, and work with someone you love. Mark’s family started the hair salon in 1955 and we took over in 1994. We subsequently renamed it the Mark & M.E. Salon. Mark is a hairdresser and I am a Brazilian Wax Technician. We are very proud of our business and thrive on working together. We strive to make every client feel special, because, to us, they are.

I have been blessed with wonderful friends, an incredible family, and a talent for making waxing fun. I am an avid storyteller who works my tail off to make your experience quick, painless, and funny. I never thought this would be my professional journey but it has been and continues to be a great ride. If you haven’t had a Brazilian, you have no idea how empowering they can be.

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A Promise of Passion

They say you never forget your first kiss, your first touch—your first time making love. Katie knows she never will. A Promise of Passion follows the love affair of Katie Donovan and Bryce Collins, a budding high school romance destined to last a lifetime. Throughout the challenges of college, a long-distance relationship, and the rigors of careers, their flame only burns brighter. To Katie, Bryce will always be her "walking Adonis." And for his part, Bryce has been enthralled by Katie since their high school physics class. Theirs is the storybook romance that everyone dreams of. But if that's the case, where's Bryce now? Katie struggles with this question as she sits alone in a bar drinking a gin and tonic with an olive—their favorite drink. They always kept their promise, a vow to keep passion alive no matter what. Why would he break it now? Experience the truest of love and loss in the first of a series of books by M. E. Nesser. Rotating between each character's point of view, Nesser offers a closeup look at real passion in a sexually charged novel that also pulls at the heart.

The Happy Trail

The third installment in the Happy Hoo-Ha trilogy, The Happy Trail takes readers into the waxing booth with Brazilian wax queen, M.E. Nesser, for a hilarious, eye-opening look at her illustrious career. Using poetry, stories, and illustrations, Nesser sheds light on a rarely discussed, but integral part, of millions of women’s beauty regimens. With sass and spunk, she regales readers with the most hysterical, cringe-worthy, raunchy, and just plain strange situations she’s encountered while bending over lady bits wielding hot wax. Lighthearted and fun, Nesser takes a literally painful subject and turns it into art, refusing to listen to anyone who would say her work is not suitable for polite conversation. A celebration of the human body, sexuality, and the things we do for beauty, The Happy Trail will delight and titillate anyone who appreciates a good story that starts with dropping underwear.

The Happy Hen House

When a person is naked from the waist down and feeling vulnerable and in pain, it should be no surprise that profanities and confessions monopolize the conversations in the confines of the wax room. People from around the country continue to flock to the Mark & M.E. Salon in Rochester, NY for this bizarre service called the Brazilian. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this service, M.E. was compelled to further her journey through the Brazilian Rainforest in this sequel to The Happy Hoo-Ha. Not only will her stories entertain you, she has hired a talented illustrator named Brian Robbins to make her tales (and the tails) of her beloved clients come to life.

The Happy Hoo-Ha

When a woman is lying naked on my table and feeling vulnerable and afraid, you can never predict what will come out of her mouth. In the past 20 years, I have heard and seen the most outrageous things. Please join me in my adventure through the intimate Brazilian Rainforest.

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" This book is sincere, hillarious, exciting , AND educational! Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down! "

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